Monday, June 8, 2009

Engagements and Weddings

I am fortunate enough to be shooting 4 (yes 4!!) weddings this summer! So very excited, because this is where I would like my specialty to be! This year will be all about the portfolio building more than the $$. So this leads me to my smokin' hot deal!! Even though I am shooting the weddings, I am not doing any engagement photo's for these folks. And I really need some engagement photos for my website and portfolio. it is.

$100 bucks for a session (2-3 hours) with location changes and a disk. Whatcom County only please, unless you want to pay for travel time that can be arranged. First come, first serve. Only catch is I get to use your pictures for my portfolio and any advertising! Who wouldn't want their fancy pictures on a website??! So pass it along if you know anyone because I would like to be doing this very June! I will be busy with weddings in July and August. Email me at