Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jamie and her new little joy!!

I know I have said it before, but I will say it again.... one of the things I like so much about photography is meeting new people. I did not know Jamie or her family before hand or know anything about them. She had received this photo shoot as a gift from her dear friend Sara. So Jamie gave me an address to meet her at and said her family had a beautiful house we could shoot at. Usually, I like to scout out places before I take pictures there, but the flip side of that is going into a new challenge and thinking fast about what we should do. Especially with a newborn. So anyway, beautiful was an understatement for the house. It was gorgeous! It is what I imagine my ideal house to be! Here are some pictures of the day!

Not sure why, but I like this one, even though part of his face was cut off. Just reminds me of how bobbily the little baby heads are!

Picture above is another one of my favorites. Little pumpkin only tolerated me for about 15 minutes and he was done. Here, mama Jamie was taking a break with him to get him to stop fussing. These types of candids are my favorite.

Time to move down to the beach.. maybe the little pumpkin will like the fresh air!